Better Sleep, Better Behaviour

Sleeping it off

Sleeping it off (Photo credit: Namibnat)

As adults we all appreciate the benefits of a deep uninterrupted nights sleep. It is also quite apparent when we don’t have enough quality sleep due to young children, stress and illness. Adults are irritable, moody and snappy when they are tired and children are the same.

A tired child can be a handful for parents and teachers to deal with, but the bottom line is, they are suffering too. As parents it is our job to ensure kids have an established bedtime routine to make the most of a quality sleep, night after night.

A kid’s bedroom needs to be quiet and comfortable. TV’s and games consoles should never be in the room they sleep in. The bed needs to be of good quality with a decent mattress that supports their growing bodies through the night. Many parents opt for a memory foam mattress to make their child comfortable in the night.

A firm bedtime routine means going to bed and waking up at around the same time each day, even on weekends. This allows the body clock to set itself without having to re-set every Monday after a child has stayed up late on a weekend. Older children will find it easier to readjust their body clock but for small kids, this needs to be set and adhered to as much as possible.

A tired child will be on the back-foot at school unless their parents see the importance of sleep and how much it can affect the child’s ability to take in information, to store information and to behave well in class.

For a healthy happy child who enjoys their schooldays and learns well, make sure sleep is top of the agenda every single night.

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